Mistakes London Escorts Do

Professionals from different industries make different mistakes – errors are inevitable regardless of your occupation. So escorts do make mistakes too in their trades. Here are some of the top mistakes Eve London escorts make:

1. Ignoring their own health

Escorts often compromise their health by overworking – sleeping too late too often, dealing with way too many clients in a short time, never exercising, etc. – and ignoring to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections. We all know Häagen-Dazs and chips aren’t real food, yet you would be surprised by how some busy London escorts go for a full day without real food.

2. Forgetting that marketing matters more than anything

It is an awful thing that some escorts put up a single ad, book a few clients, and put the same ad again the following week. That’s easy and fast counter-productive. Every successful escort spends a lot of time and capital on marketing. They place different ads in a range of places and evaluate which adverts work best for her campaigns. And marketing is larger than just escort marketing; a simple mobile-responsive website or blog will bring hordes of clients.

3. Taking regular clients for granted

Is there any client who books you regularly? Stick to such a client like glue. The mistake some London escorts do is to take such clients for granted. There are two reasons why regular clients are important; they’re lucrative and safe and can be predictable.

4. Too much cash

Most clients spend lavishly on escort and won’t hesitate to throw thousands of dollars on a night out. Escorts virtually live in the cash world. When earning such a huge amount of money, however, an escort won’t see any good reason not to purchase US $800 or anything more glamorous. When the end of the month arrives and bills have to be paid, many London escorts, despite having earned huge sums of money during the month, have nothing to show. When you’re earning such a ridiculous amount of money so often, the best thing to do is to open a bank account and stack it there in regular deposits.

5. Forgetting that escorting work is a business

Going out with a guy for a few hundred bucks is fun and hardly looks like a business to some escorts. While such outings are fun, savvy escorts would treat it as a business rather than a random and short source of income. And there is a crop of escorts who won’t treat like a professional.

Bottom line

The best way for an escort to avoid making mistakes is by working on her own self-awareness. She should notice the possibility of a mistake before doing it. But some mistakes are unavailable – you only realize it was a mistake after doing it.

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